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Unifying Compliance
Organizational Problems

Administrative Challenges

Each organization deals with co-ordination issues of office operations, processes, and resources

Single Document, Multiple Copies

In fragmented style of documentation having several files, tracking changes, version control is cumbersome. This leads to inefficiencies and unproductive time location, updating files.

Tracking across cross-functional dependencies

Interconnected dependencies among departments / teams are generally not clearly defined, causing delays and inefficiencies. Such ambiguity causes duplicity of work and resources impacting deliverables.

Multiple Vendors, scattered communication

Scattered multiple medium of communications are difficult to track and leads to misaligned expectations. Lack of centralised communication platform may result in improper accessibility of information by relevant parties.

Technical Challenges

Each organization deals with issues of management of technology and technical resources.

Growing mutual interdependence

Multiple unrelated applications, with different stack, leads to low efficiency and a very high technical dependencies on transmission of relevant data. One stop applications, reduce dependencies to solve multiple problem areas, with ease.

Irregular collaboration between teams

Unintegrated softwares impact sharing of relevant information causing inferior output. An irregular flow of information, due to technical barriers, significantly impact efficiency & effectiveness of workplace operations.

Irregular work management

Different unintegrated systems or softwares create data silos. Each unconnected data complicates workflow and require redundant efforts to share and manage information across platforms, reducing speed and quality of work.

Our Solutions

Software as Service

Modules that talk to each other where humans have dependencies.

Document Repository Management

Designing a centrally secured document repository for a seamless experience, to upload, store, retrieve, share and securely handling of digital and physical documents, within a controlled environment

Governance Risk & Compliance

Empower organisations by streamlining the journey, from identifying an applicability in obtaining the desired registration, for running the business and guiding on all regulatory compliance.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Unlock the potential of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) tool to revolutionize your business, effortlessly by streamlining & collaborating contractual challenges with utmost ease and efficiency


Empower organizations by streamlining vendor onboarding and centralizing vendor information. Automate communications and simplify data collection to enhance vendor selection and monitoring.

In-build Frameworks

Add-On Modules

Clause Library

Clause library supports self designing of contract clauses, as per the simple understandable expressions, in 3 variants

Resolutions PlayBook

Resolutions playbook facilitates to choose a self crafted resolutions, from a huge library designed by industry experts, under different practical and regular scenarios

Our Features

Administrative Features

Functionalities designed to facilitate management, control, and oversight of systems, processes.

Centralized Repository

The secure and adaptable multi-tenancy architecture facilitates rule-based and need-based unified data access across all modules.

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive reporting tools provide detailed insights into performance metrics, trends, and patterns, empowering informed strategic decision-making.

Real-Time Notifications

Instant updates through real-time notifications are a critical feature that enhances communication and responsiveness within an organization.

Technincal Features

Components and capabilities to enhance the functionality & performance of our system.

Data Encryption

Enhanced security through data encryption, both at rest and in transit, is a fundamental strategy to protect all information from an unauthorized access.

Sustainable Infrastructure

Growth-ready sustainable infrastructure is designed to meet the dynamic expanding needs of businesses, providing a scalable and flexible solution that can be easily adjusted to align with the specific requirements of organizations.

Automated Backups

Business continuity mechanism is a core supported by a reliable data recovery that involves regular, automated backups to safeguard against data loss, offering reassurance and securing business operations even during unexpected events.

Cloud-Based Accessibility

Ubiquitous access through cloud-based solutions ensures that users can access their data and work-related resources from any location and at any time.

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